Our Mission

Brown International Limited

Setting the standard for investment excellence to create a better client experience.

William A. Brown

Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Brown International Limited

When I established Brown International Limited in 2009, we understood the need to create a distinct, entrepreneurial culture that harnessed all areas of the business in the pursuit of excellence in high-conviction, active management. As a new entrant in a competitive market, we wanted our clients to experience, share and benefit from the energy and focus of a young firm, full of talented individuals, eager to distinguish itself as a trusted steward of other people’s money.

Now, fourteen years on, we have established ourselves as a leading specialist asset and wealth manager precisely because we have retained that agility and drive as we have grown. Our value remains in our people, our ability to adapt quickly to changing markets, and in our willingness to continuously challenge ourselves to deliver the best investment outcome for clients.

Few companies could thrive long term without putting the client at the heart of their business. At Brown International Limited, we prefer to go a step further. We seek lasting partnerships where goals, ideas and insights are freely shared. We learn from our partners and adapt to their changing needs while remaining true to our roots and shared expertise.

Today, Brown International Limited offers a range of actively managed strategies to clients around the world including equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives. Independence of thought and individual accountability define us. Our portfolio managers follow their convictions and seek those investment opportunities that they believe will ensure the best outcome for our clients. They do this through fundamental analysis and research, a clear investment process and risk management framework, with a focus on good stewardsh


Securing your future with trust and confidence

Brown International is an independent company offering global wealth management and asset management advisory services. Since 2009, we have consistently anticipated and responded to the changing needs of investors. We are driven by a commitment to provide individuals and institutions with the highest-quality investments and advice.

Vision, Mission, Values and purpose

Our Vision is to be the best and most respected Asset and Wealth Firm in Hong Kong. We take pride in generating value for our clients, our partners and to our community. We make this possible by offering a wide range of products, investment options and services which will improve the lives and well-being of every business or client we serve.
Our Mission is to bring superior service, business solutions and more value to the lives of our stakeholders. Our chief concern is our customers, employees and partners well-being and success.

We’re responsible for the quality of service we provide, as a result we have implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure our clients receive the highest degree of excellence in every contact.

Our Values are embedded in the people we work with and the relationships we build. As a result we have a team who share a common belief in Stewardship, Dedication and Compassion, which inspire those we serve, this key element sets our Company apart from all others. These strong beliefs reinforce one another and have made our corporation strong, enduring and resilient.

Our purpose is to create a Group of companies that work independently in sectors such as Hospitality, IT, Property development, Trade and Investments governed by the ethos of Brown International Limited which will operate both internationally and locally.

Our Business

A broad range of services, strategies, advice and technology

Through a history of growth and strategic alignment, today we offer investors and institutions a comprehensive and innovative selection of strategies and services.